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Although we can deal with most any Information Technology issue, we are especially ready to help you with these:

Lotus Notes:  We have complete experience implementing Lotus Notes solutions, including e-mail and server administration.  We have a Lotus Notes server where we can host applications, e-mail or provide a collaborative development environment.

MS-Office:  We have experience training and using the Microsoft Office suite of products.  We have developed substantial applications in both MS Access and MS Excel using VB macros.  We have worked with these products from their earliest versions (Word for DOS) through the XP versions.

Client/Server Applications:  We have substantial experience designing client/server applications and honing the interactions between client and server appropriately for the network that connects them.  Quality work in this area requires the unique breadth of background including network traffic analysis, C++ programming and everything in between Ė and we have it.

Database Design and Applications:  Database design is critical to the long term viability of an application; most consultancies include database design as an afterthought.  We have over 20 years of database design experience.  We often find design flaws in the database schemas of commercial products.  As a paid consultant, we can review your database schema, review the schema of a product before you buy it, or custom design a database for your application.

Internet:  Are you not yet visible on the internet or are you ready to take your internet presence to a new level?  We can put up a web site for a minimal fee and we can partner with you in everything from maintaining your web presence to facilitating your interactions in the e-commerce world.  We minimize your costs by using templates and tools where possible, but are not afraid to code HTML and Javascript when needed.

IT Management:  We can manage specific IT projects including project level management of employees and contractors.  We can also manage your computing infrastructure.  We will partner with companies that provide general help-desk support and with companies specializing in network monitoring and/or support to provide a comprehensive infrastructure management plan.

Miscellaneous Services:  As part of our business we have a fairly well equipped office.  We can provide digital photography services, web services for a single event, web based data collection, printing of small-quantity/full color business cards, color laser printing of your special digital photographs, equipment leases and so on.


Youíll be surprised how much you can save by hiring someone who knows what they are doing!!

We never make you pay for our training time.

Work type                  Hourly Rate

Project Management                 $125

Consulting                                 $175

Application Development           $  95

Administration                           $  65

Training prices vary depending on curriculum availability and topic complexity.

Hosting prices depend on complexity of application, volume of data and number of users.  For example, we will host a customer contact management system for a small company with one userid for a $500 setup charge and $20 per month if the data volume does not exceed 1GB.

Did you know that the rural Midwestern US has world class experts in several computing technologies?  We work with some of these expert companies where most appropriate.  These are some of our recommended solution providers.
Windows NT networking, Open VMS Great Northern Services, Duluth, MN
Digital Unix, Process Automation Iron Range Computing Services, Hibbing, MN
Intel hardware (premium provider) Computer Enterprises, Grand Rapids, MN
CAD Systems Alamar Systems, Kalamazoo, MI
Telecommunications Service (voice&data) Torrent Technologies, Grand Rapids, MN